Dizzy Blonde


For the last year or so I’ve been battling with intermittent dizziness. Sometimes to the extent that I couldn’t stand.
I never know when the dizziness will hit or how long it will last. It’s been quite a challenge. When the neurologist reviewed my brain MRI, she couldn’t find a reason for the intermittent dizziness, so she sent me the “dizzy doctor” – a neurotologist.

My primary care physician was concerned that I might have Ménière’s disease. When I saw the dizzy doctor, I told him of my PCP’s concerns.

He asked me a million questions. One of the questions was about migraines. I told him I used to have migraine headaches years ago, and I now have ocular migraines. An ocular migraine is where you have visual disturbances without the headache.

Since I have ocular migraines, the doctor said I was much more likely to develop vestibular migraines. I had never heard of vestibular migraines, but he explained that they affect balance and cause dizziness.

He started me on a migraine diet, but wanted to do some more testing. After the testing, because there were some abnormal results in one of the tests, he sent me for an MRI of the brain with the internal auditory canals (IACs).

The MRI came back normal. No tumor on the auditory nerve, so that’s good. I go back to see the dizzy doctor in a month or so and we’ll see what his final diagnosis is, but I would bet he says I’m having vestibular migraines.

I’ve been a nurse forever and this was the first I’d ever heard of vestibular migraines, but I’ve never been one to do things the easy way.