Open Letter to Women Everywhere About Urine

Toilet without urine


Dear Women Everywhere:

Can we talk about public toilets? Especially those in the handicapped stalls? You know, the ones covered in urine?

Ladies Room Sign - hopefully the seat in the handicapped stall is urine free!

Handicapped stalls have grab rails for those who need help getting up and down or to transfer to the toilet from a wheelchair or scooter. It’s gross to open a handicapped stall door and find a seat covered in urine.

Both those who cannot stand without the grab rails and those in wheelchairs cannot hover over the toilet seats. Businesses install handicapped stalls for handicapped women who must sit on the toilet seat.

I understand that most of you are appalled at the thought of your precious little bottoms hitting the seat. I get it. Really I do. In fact, I line the seats with toilet paper or use the provided covers. What I don’t get, will never understand, is why women who ARE NOT handicapped choose to use these stalls. You hover over the seat and urinate all over it. Do you realize the handicapped person must clean up your nasty mess before she can use the facilities?

It never fails when I walk or roll (depending on the day) into a ladies room and open the handicapped stall, I find the seat covered in urine. Some discourteous woman hovered and peed all over the seat leaving a mess I must clean up with only toilet paper or paper towels in my arsenal since I don’t carry bleach everywhere.

Please, in the future, if you must hover and pee, use the regular stall. Save the handicapped ones for people who must sit. Leave the toilet quasi clean for those of us who have no choice but to sit. Or at the very least, clean up your urine.

If you think this only bugs handicapped people, think again. Here’s a link to someone who blogs about urine covered toilets: Pet Peeves: Women Who Leave Urine on Toilet Seats This blogger even includes a nice little photo of a urine covered toilet seat.

Handicapped women have enough trouble getting into a handicapped stall when moms of little ones use them because they’re larger. When you also use the handicapped stall because you can hold onto the grab bars to help you hover, it not only makes a nasty mess, but makes us wait for you to finish your business. Please stop! Think about the handicapped woman who follows you.

In one instance in Disney World, I was so sick of cleaning urine from the handicapped stall, I get loud about it. I stood with my cane (after leaving my wheelchair outside because I needed to move a little) waiting for the handicapped stall. A woman walked out leaving pee all over the seat. I looked inside and while she was still in hearing range, yelled, “THAT’s DISGUSTING!”

I will leave you with this final plea: Please, please, please do not use the handicapped stall if you must hover! I’m not asking you to quit hovering to avoid touching the seat. Just please don’t do it in the handicapped stall. If you must use the handicapped stall, then please clean up after yourself. The next person may not be able to use a regular stall, and if she’s in a hurry, she either sits in your urine, or risks peeing herself while she cleans up your mess.